Can you tell me how and when to wean a breast feed infant?

Weaning. Weaning your child is a personal choice,but the American Academy of Pediatrics that you breastfeed for at least a year.

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Weaning baby off breastfeeding, and breasts are feeling swollen in areas/tender. Have not fed/pumped in 48 hours. Do I need to pump or will it decease?

Several choices. I have had some moms cold turkey(put baby on a bottle & bind with a pre-pregnancy bra)& everybody in the house is miserable but a week or so later its done, I don't advise this. Some will start each feed & interrupt baby after 3-5 minutes per breast (take off enough to feel soft) switch then bottle till full.Some will drop one feed every few days.All seem to work, the sweat equity is what varies. Read more...