Open lung biopsy with a camera -how dangerous is this?

Safe. Small risk of bleeding and pneumothorax. May have a small chest tube after. Obtains large amount of tissue for diagnosis and can remove the lesion.
Major surgery. "open lung biopsy" is major surgery. But, it is a very common/routine procedure done across the country everyday with reasonably low morbidity and mortality. Your risk is individualized and should be discussed with your thoracic surgeon. The key factors are really your health and risk factors before surgery and "why you require a lung biopsy? ".

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Regarding open lung biopsy with a camera -how dangerous is this procedure?

Risks exist. While done often by experienced thoracic surgeons (vats), it is chest surgery (major surgery). There are risks and benefits. This link may help: http://goo. Gl/pn73i.
Low risk. Except if for extensive unknown lung disease with hypoxia and specific personal high risk. General anesthesia, double lumen airway, small port holes and video assisted with use of scope and staples.

Why does open lung biopsy have a high mortality rate?

It does not really. The biopsy itself is not the problem -- but the underlying disease. If it has compromised the ability of the lung to function, then opening the lung and chest for a biopsy is risky.
It shouldn't. In all honesty, one should closely exam what is happening if a surgeon's outcomes have a "high mortality rate". While surgical lung biopsy is "major surgery", surgical lung biopsy performed by a well trained thoracic surgeon should not have a "high mortality rate". A well trained thoracic surgeon will perform over 85+% of lung biopsies by minimally invasive approach with a low mortality rate.

Open lung biopsy scheduled and I didn't really catch what is involved?

Listen next time ;-) Most open lung biopsy is done with ~3+ small incisions. A scope (thoracoscope) inserted in one to see the lung with the biopsy tool ("stapler"...Yes a stapler) insertedinto another hole to take a piece of the lung. Most are outpatient procedures, but if more extensive surgery is done (for lung cancer for example), expect to stay. A tube may be left in to re-inflate the lung.
Discuss. In general, agree with dr. Arenberg's answer/description of procedure. But, the specifics for you depend on why you are having a biopsy. If it is for an isolated area, it may be a single piece of lung tissue. Biopsy for generalized lung disease diagnosis may require between 3-4 pieces of lung tissue being excised. Well trained thoracic surgeon will perform over 85% of lung biopsies by vats.

What to do if I am having an open lung biopsy n the 26th?

Various approaches. A lung biopsy if most often performed for a well defined lesion. At your age the chance of malignancy is slight. Biopsy if necessary can be done transbronchial and if more needed, a thorascopic biopsy without opening the chest can be performed.

Just discovered my husband has a tear in the pericardium and that his right atrium poked thru the sac. This was discovered during an open lung biopsy?

Uncommon. Hi Anne195, Sorry to hear the alarming news. I hope you are coping ok. Pericardial tears are somewhat unusual to find incidentally because the pericardium is a very very strong tissue. Typically we see them as a result of blunt trauma to the chest or abdomen and they are commonly associated with herniation as you described. This requires management by a specialist. Hope this helps.

I had a open lung biopsy and thoracotomy less then 2months ago I am having ruq pain and numbness is this normal.?

Numbness. I am assuming your numbness is near the incision which you had for the surgery. If that is the case numbness as a result of having the small cutaneous nerves which travel along the skin is common. With incisions in the chest wall pain can take months to resolve. As always, however, I would recommend you discuss your symptoms with your surgeon to be sure other ominous sources are not responsible.
Not usually. If right thoracic surgery, then discomfort in front on right and some numbness along that area thoracic nerve distribution is common and relatively temporary usually.