What to do if I have severe pain in my occipital region of head, neck and ears. Sometimes pain radiates to shoulder joints and hands causing imobility?

Could Be Neck Issues. If preliminary evaluation by your primary doctor doesn't help, consider evaluation of your neck to make sure nothing is awry there. Many times the facet joints in the neck or even herniated disks could be a cause of this issue in the back of head. Alternatively it could also be occipital neuralgia in the back of the head if the neck evaluation reveals nothing.

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What causes throat pain unlike sore throats for 3 wks, took amox 2 weeks ago, occipital region hurts & pain radiates to sides of head when pressed?

Congestion? You may have persistent sinus congestion that is causing congestion and pain on the side of your head. Persistent mild drainage could result in throat pain. Try alternate night sudafed, steroid nasal spray like flonase, and cutting the dairy, and see if that helps. Otherwise, you may need to return to your doctor. Read more...