Can you tell me about clitoroplasty (clitoris reduction)?

For CAH. It is very rare to perform a clitoral reduction unless one suffers from congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH). In most instances we may perform a clitoropexy, which essentially tucks (witch hazel) it away to make it more concealed or we perform a clitoral hood reduction which removes the excess skin around the clitoris. Go to: http// for examples.
Not in the U.S. . I believe this would be considered genital mutilation here in the United States and would be extremely unethical and unusual and the resounding opinion of the physicians here would be a loud please do not even consider this for one second. I think you owe us an explanation of why this is a question for you so that we can better understand why you are even considering it.
Reduction. My first question would be why. Unless you have a very strong reason for even considering this I wouldn't suggest you seek help. If you feel stronlyg speak with your GYN.
Clitoroplasty. Usually, a labioplasty is performed. It is very unusual to need to have the clitoris reduced. Best to see a doctor trained in these procedures.