Behind my left knee hurts constantly. My orthopedic specialist thinks its maybe baker cyst. How do we know?

Ultrasound. A bakers cyst can be seen on an ultrsound or mri. Posterior knee pain most commonly is casued by a bakers cyst, half of these are associated with a torn cartilage (torn meniscus). Posterior knee pain can also be caused by a back problem (sciatica) or vascular problem (aneurysm).
MRI or ultrasound. Mri or an ultrasound can demonstrate a baker's cyst. However, most baker's cysts are not painful but often occur when there is swelling joint in the knee for other reasons such as arthritis or a cartilage tear. Those are usually the causes of the pain, not the cyst.

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Can a benign tumor cyst (baker's cyst or a popiteal cyst) reoccur years later? I had an orthopedic surgeon drain a benign tumor cyst, also known as a baker's cyst or a popiteal cyst, behind behind the left knee, and frontal area has water fluids. Can this

Hello.. Hello. The cyst was drained, it was not excised. Yes, it can refill over time. Take care.
Get evaluated. Usually orthopedic procedures for bakers cyst include partial or complete resection of the cyst. They are related to the knee joint linings. If a mass has recurred in the same location make sure you get evaluated for a vascular condition. A popliteal aneurysm can mimic a baker's cyst. Its important to get a vascular ultrasound or ct angio to differentiate. They have very different treatments.

I have a cyst on my left wrist, left shoulder pain, left hip pain like a pinched sciatic, left knee pain, and left ankle pain. Coincidence? Left side?

Not all related. Hip snd lower psins can sll be related to a pinchedl5nerve root but theupper extremity stiff unrelated to lower stuff the srist cyst can cause shoulder psin through regonal paindisorder.
Left Side Pain. Have you had your back checked? All this sounds like it may stem from the nerves from the spine. I would see an orthopod spine specialists or neurologist.