Had eye laser recently, will my night glare be permanent?

Probably not. By "eye laser", i assume you are referring to lasik or prk, i, e, a procedure done on the cornea to correct your vision without glasses. It is very common to experience night glare for a few weeks following these procedures which generally improves and goes away over time. It is usually worse with treatments of higher corrections and in patients with larger pupils.
Hard to say. Swelling after laser vision correction usually dissipates over time, varying proportionate to the size of the correction. Some glare can linger if the correction was large, or if the flap has wrinkles. Fortunately, glare becomes less annoying as you adapt to the new correction. Ask the surgeon about this, lubricate the eye, and turn on the interior lights in your car to reduce it while driving!

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Had eye laser surgery recently, will my night glare be permanent, what to do?

Laser surgery glare. That is always a risk i warn patients about, but with modern lasers ;software, larger ablation zones, blend zones, wavefront treatments..., usually this improves as you heal, and may even be better than your baseline. Talk to your doctor. If surgery went well, glare improves by 1 mon for all-laser lasik, 1-3 for prk. You may need to treat dry eyes, or have a small script for residual astigmatism. Read more...