Could hand sanitizer prevent me from catching a cold sore?

Cold sore prevention. Use hand sanitizer after touching a cold sores, do not rub your eyes, don't kiss someone who has a cold sores, replace your toothbrush once a month, apply sunscreen to the face and lips. These are prevention tips.
Hand sanitizer. No, hand sanitizer will not prevent you from getting cold sores.

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If someone w/ a cold sore on their chin & spit on my skin near my eye while talking & I used hand sanitizer. What are my chances of getting hsv1?

Herpes Virus. Herpes virus is spread only through direct skin-to-skin contact or mucous membrane contact. Herpes simplex virus enters the body through broken area of skin or intact mucous membranes. Thus, it is very unlikely that you contacted hsv 1. Read more...

Could hand sanitizer prevent herpes?

Herpes prevention. The best form of herpes prevention is to avoid contact of mucous membranes (genital tract, as well as eyes/mouth/nose) with an infected partner. Latex barriers are the standard. Docs have anti-virals too, i.e. Valtrex. There may actually be some activity of hand sanitizers directly against the virus- and microemulsions of certain alcohols and other compounds are an area of active research now. Read more...

Hand washing vs hand sanitizer? Which is better when done performing blood draws! Would hand sanitizer prevent me from getting infected?

Both work. It's my understanding that hand washing and hand sanitizer are both good; certainly they are far better than not washing hands. If you are drawing blood, wear gloves. Don't re-cap needles, because you really can get stuck. If you should have a needle stick injury where you are in contact with a patient's blood, call your supervisor, the nursing supervisor, or the employee health department. Read more...