Heterogeneous liver, what is this?

It means. that the texture of the liver, as seen on ultrasound, is not uniform as it normally should be. There are numerous causes, the most common is fatty infiltration. Speak with your doc about what it means in your particular clinical situation.
On ultrasound? this is a common ultrasound finding, echogenic or heterogenous liver - meaning not all of liver tissue looks exactly the same. typically cause is some degree of inflammation - from fat in liver or other causes of hepatitis? i'd talk to your doc, whoever ordered the test. .

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I just got a ultrasound and it shows I got a liver slightly heterogeneous what does that mean?

Variations in sound. wave patterns reflected & human interpretation of the image pattern. Get a copy of the images and study them yourself along with: https://www.google.com/?ion=1&espv=2#q=heterogeneous+liver+on+ultrasound. The most common basis is steatosis (fatty liver) due to intake of carbohydrates (low fat diet), which liver must convert to triglyceride fats for storage. Study: http://goo.gl/H7mItd, LFHC & LCHF. Read more...
Liver. This may represent fatty liver, cirrhosis, or infiltration by other disease processes such as cancer (which is less likely). Please follow up with your doctor. Read more...