What should my follow-up care be like for hodgkin's disease?

Lymph node CA. It depends on the oncologist for followup.
Traditional periodic. Imaging and breast imaging if you received radiotherapy. The periodicity and type are evolving. Every 3 months for 2 years, then with decreasing frequency, exams with node checks, and looks for treatment induced issues.
Complex topic. The follow-up care for patients who have achieved remission for Hodgkin lymphoma is divided into two categories. For the first five years patients are seen looking for recurrence of their disease. After that patients should be seen in a survivorship clinic to allow them the best possible chance of avoiding side effects from the chemotherapy and radiation they may have received.
You should have it.. After treatment for any cancer, including hodgkin lymphoma, it is essential that you see a doctor that knows about the unique health challenges that occur after cancer treatment. Many cancer centers have long term follow up (ltfu) specialists that best know how to take care of cancer survivors. If you do not live close to one, your primary doctor can consult ltfu for help.