33 weeks. Mild pain in lower abdomen and back?

Pregnancy/clarify. This is likely due to pregnancy if you are 33 wks pregnant. This is to be expected. Pregnancy can cause symptoms like leg pain and sciatica/deep nerve pain, and lower abdominal pain. If it persists, see your doctor to find out what medications, etc. You can have.

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I'm 33 weeks and 5 days pregnant and I'm having really bad lower abdominal pain. Pain goes away and comes back every 1 minute or 2. What should I do?

Pregnant. Without delay you must contact the Gynecologist! If you cannot be seen by the doctor (unlikely) you should have someone take you to the nearest Emergency facility. They will make certain that you will be seen by a Gynecologist almost immediately.
Go to Hospital - L+D. You sound like you are in preterm labor. You need to go to the hospital immediately. They will put you on the monitor to see if your are contracting and exam you to see if your cervix has changed. They will notify your doctor. They may give you betamethasone to help your baby's lungs mature.