Related Questions

Has there been any advancement in male contraception?

Male contraceptive. China is working on a low dose testosterone male contraceptive that will decrease the release od lh and indirectly also reduce the release of FSH in men.

Is there a form of male contraception?

Yes. Condoms and vasectomy (male sterilization) are all readily available in the United States.
Not really.. ..Other than condoms, of course. Vasectomy is very effective for sterilization, but that's permanent.

What are some methods of male contraception?

Condoms/abstinence. Condoms and abstinence are the only reliable, proven, reversible, and legal ones. Vasectomy is effective but permanent. That's it, I'm afraid.

Are there any statistical studies showing the effectiveness of heat-based male contraception.?

Here is a summary. A brief summary can be found at: http://malecontraceptives. Org/methods/simple_heat. Php.