Should everyone get a second opinion for hodgkin's disease?

2nd. opinion. If unsure & for peace of might, u certainly could.
Depends. If you trust the initial medical opinion, no need for second opinion. For peace of mind, a second opinion will be advisable.
Depends on the stage. For patients with advanced stage Hodgkin lymphoma a second opinion doesn't usually add a lot. For patients with limited stage Hodgkin lymphoma especially if radiation treatment is being considered in a younger patient a second opinion is advisable.
Only those that. Do not trust their first opinion, or need to be reassured that there is not another way *need* second opinions, but it is never wrong to get a second opinion. Some opinions may differ, but that allows you to ask questions and make choices. Some differences are superficial. You get to choose substance and style.
Everyone that is. Nit satisfied with the first opinion, or for whatever reason does not trust the advice of the team should seek another opinion.