Is smoking linked to bladder cancer?

Yes Most Definately. Smoking is the number one known risk factor in causing bladder cancer. What else would you like to know? If you are smoking. Quit if you think, it will make you look cool and thats why you want to smoke...Grow up. You are so very adolescent your breath is always terrible...And you will never be kissed, by the person you love, deeply, passionately and properly. End result...No pleasure, all pain.
Yes. Smoking is the most common risk factor for bladder cancer. Bladder cancer can also occur in the absence of smoking but patients who smoke are at a much higher risk of developing bladder cancer in the future.

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Does smoking cause bladder cancer?

Yes. Smoking is one of the leading causes of bladder cancer. In fact very recent studies have shown an even higher link between smoking and bladder cancer thanv previously thought.

Does smoking lead to bladder cancer?

Yes. The greatest risk factor for bladder cancer is smoking.
Sometimes. It is estimated that about half of all bladder cancers are smoking related. However, most smokers do not develop bladder cancer. Toxins dissolved in urine can cause damage to the bladder lining over time and lead to cancer formation.

How does smoking cause bladder cancer?

Carcinogens. A large number of the chemicals in tobacco smoke are carcinogenic. Many of these compounds are excreted into the urine that sits in the bladder and affects the lining of the urinary bladder. Tobacco carcinogens reach the bladder through blood stream as well.
Carcinogens. Just like lung cancer and smoking, there is association between bladder cancer and smoking. The carcinogens taken up by the body are excreted into the urine which was held in the bladder and all those chemicals can then act on the lining of the bladder to cause cancer.

What can cause bladder cancer beside smoking?

Several. Chlorinated water, arsenic, aristolochic acid found in chinese herbs, chronic bladder infections, human papilloma virus, radiation, chemotherapy, such as cyclophosphamide, air pollution, artificial sweeteners cause bladder cancer in rats. Hereditary factors, infections, such as schistosoma haematobium, a parasite found in egypt can cause bladder cancer. Hope this helps.
Multiple factors. Genetic factors chronic bladder irritation certain chemicals radiation to the bladder cyclophosphamide (a chemotherapy).

How can cigarette smoking cause bladder cancer?

Carcinogens. Cancer causing compounds in the smoke get inhaled and enter your bloodstream. While the lungs get the first pass, the kidneys and liver have to get rid of them.
Toxins in urine. It is thought that toxins in the urine (originating in cigarette smoke) cause genetic changes in bladder cells over time which can lead to cancer formation. A group of chemicals called arylamines (present in cig smoke) have specifically been implicated in bladder tumor formation in both smokers and nonsmokers.

How does cigarette smoking cause bladder cancer? If yes, then how often?

Urinary toxins. Toxic byproducts of smoking are made "water soluble" as part of the detoxification process by the liver. Over time, repeated exposure of the bladder lining (as well as lining of the kidneys and ureters) to these chemicals induces changes in the genetic material of the cells and can result in cancerous changes. Most cancers arise in the bladder as this is the most exposed vs. Kidney or ureter.
See answer. Perhaps a better way to answer is that approximately 50% of bladder cancers are thought to be caused by smoking. It is far more difficult to assign an absolute risk of cancer development in a given smoker.

How does smoking cigarettes increase the risk of bladder cancer, since the smoke never gets to the bladder?

Many ways. The carcinogens travel throughout the body. Smoke --> lungs --> bloodstream.
Yes. Yes. Smoking is clearly a risk factor for bladder cancer (and also a certain type of kidney cancer). The reason this occurs is that we believe that the metabolites are degraded and pass through the urinary tract and through prolonged exposure to these carcinogens, the cells undergo malignant changes.

What causes bladder cancer if not smoking? I've recently been diagnosed with bladder cancer by my doctor, who said it's almost always caused by smoking. I'm 55 now, and smoked two cigarettes when I was a teenager. Could diet or something I've been drinkin

Most. Most cancers are caused by a proliferation of cells that are damaged in some form or fashion, so that their growth is uncontrolled. The way they come to be damaged can vary, but the vast majority are due to environmental factors, such as smoking, alcohol, etc. Cancers are even known to form in areas of chronic irritation, such as gastric ulcers or burns. Substances that cause dna mutations are known as mutagens, and mutagens that cause cancers are known as carcinogens. Particular substances have been linked to specific types of cancer. Tobacco smoking is associated with many forms of cancer, including lung and bladder cancer. However, other associations also exist, such as parasitic infections, radiation and chemical exposures. Your physician is correct by telling you that the overwhelming majority of bladder cancer is associated with smoking, but without a complete account of your history and exposures, it would be impossible to link a specific cause in your particular case.
Good question. While certain diets and substances increase the risk for certain cancers, most cases of cancer we really don't know the cause. Besides tobacco, there are likely other substances that consumed can increase the likelihood of having bladder cancer, but I would suggest talking to an oncologist and then let it go. Spend your energy processing the feelings coming up and pursuing the very best of care.
Dyes and chemicals. It doesn't sound like smoking has anything to do with your bladder cancer. Were you exposed to aniline dyes, chemicals, or chemotherapy in the past? These are risk factors. Sometimes it's just plain bad luck. Whatever the cause, there are good treatments. Don't blame yourself!