Chance for me to correct my horrible hunched posture?

Sure. Depending on how long this has been going on it is usually possible to improve posture. One of my favorite methods is yoga which focuses greatly on achieving optimal posture. Pt exercises also can help.

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Chance for me to correct my horrible hunched posture at 60 before osteoporosis?

See below. If you are 60, your chance is low but it's impossible to say until you are examined and your complete history is known. I recommend talking to your primary care physician about this and he/she will refer you to someone appropriate if there are things that can be done. Good luck.
See your doctor. Your doctor can help determine if the "hunched" appearance is simply bad posture, or if you already have compressed backbones due to osteoporosis. S/he can also talk to you about tests for bone loss, and many different treatment options if you have this. If it is just bad posture, exercises may help. However some exercises may worsen the problem if osteoporosis is present. See your doctor first.