How long should I wait to get pregnant again after a C-section?

Baby after c section. There is no specific time frame, or waiting period, unless your doc has cautioned you regarding your specific case. You should consult with your ob, to determine if you have any special risks. Otherwise, it is typical to resume sexual activity as early as your OB advised was safe after your c-section (and as late as you feel comfortable). .
1 year. A c-sections involves cutting through layer of tissue including the uterus. The recommendation is to wait at least 1 year to make sure the incisions are healed completely. As a baby grows in the uterus, it is stretched out therefore thinning the area of the previous incision. 1 year is an ideal time for complete healing.
10 months:-) One usually does not get pregnant while breast feeding the baby. But just in case if you get pregnant right after delivering the baby, it is ok. Body heals.