If you're a health psychologist, or work in health psychology - could you please help me out?

No website cures. A website like this has many uses, but it is not going to be a direct source of help. Not sure what you mean by "health psychologist, " but it sounds like you are in difficulty of some sort. Seek real-life help, possibly starting with you primary care doctor to get a referral to someone who can talk with you about what is going on and begin to construct a plan with you about what to do about it.
What is your . Question? I would be glad to try to help.
Emotional management. Health psychology focuses on the emotional issues that are invoked by such conditions as diabetes, heart troubles, cancers, and other serious if not life-threatening physical ailments. People find these to be over whelming to deal with, &often do notdo what is necessary to take proper care of themselves. People often are unaware of this and need to be educated about emotional issues from this.