What are the best tips for managing and treating colic?

Stressful Time. This is a very stressful time for your family. Colicky babies demand constant attention. You are sleep deprived already, then on top of that, you have the constant needs of this child. Walking in a sling is super helpful. Consider "baby wearing" as much as possible, not just you but dad and other family members. Never shake the baby, you can always set her down and let her cry, take a break!
Chamomeil tea. Chamomeil tea 1-2 ounces daily divided over the day often helps. Rocking your child, car rides and putting the child in his carrier on top of the clothes drier also help. Try white noise like the vacume cleaner or in between channels on the radio. Finally give yourself a break with a babysitter.
Treating colic. If it really is colic - or "excessive infant irritability syndrome" - it likely will disappear by 3-4 months on its own. However, some techniques have been shown to help - the 5s's of harvey karp (happiest baby book), chamomile tea, probiotics infant massage. See http://www. Webmd. Com/parenting/baby/news/20110328/colic-remedies-is-tlc-better-than-herbal-tea for more info.