Primary Dr. Did chest X-ray told Me that he saw Rheumatoligic inflammation. Isn't something like that only show on CT scans. I am a patient with RA.

Not just on Ct scan. Early lung changes secondary to rheumatoid disease or other etiologies may only be visible on CT scans, and the chest X-Ray may appear normal. As the changes become more severe, they will become visible on the chest X-ray as well.
See details. I am not certain what the doctor meant. Some associated issues such as rheumatoid nodules or pulmonary fibrosis can be seen on chest x ray. I agree that a CT should be done and you should also consult with a pulmonologist.
Yes, can see.... In Rheumatoid arthritis even on a conventional chest x-ray you can see changes that have reported with rheumatoid arthritis. These changes include nodules as well as changes suggesting past inflammation in the lungs which is sometimes called interstitial fibrosis. The degree of these changes is better determined by CT.