I take centrum, 400 mg Maganesium Citrate and 2 gel caps of Zyflamend. Zyflamend has helped with job and gym inflammation. Serving size is 2. I take one AM & PM. Can I take 2 BID?

Wouldn't recommend. Since this product is anti inflammatory, it can potentially thin the blood too much. Also, since it contains 10 different herbs, I'd be concerned about overdoses of those and interactions with any meds you take. Good luck!
See details. Zyflmend contains 10 different herbs. As with all over-the-counter supplements, it is unregulated and a minimum or maximum dose has never been established. Because of that, I would urge that you follow the manufacturer's dosage guidelines.
Unknown. Herbal suppliments are popular. Most of these supplements are not FDA approved. In the physician community, there is a growing concern and increase incidence of chinese herbal nephropathy. You should talk to your doctor or call the company and review recommended and maximum dose from zyflamed brochure.