Extragonadal germ cell tumor?

The gonads produce. Sperm in men (&testosterone) and eggs/ova in women (& estrogens), and these are also the sites of germ cell tumors. Outside the gonads, the mediastinum and brain (pineal) are the most common extragonadal sites. These are known to produce markers (hcg, alphafeto-protein) and responsve and curable with chemotherapy. Hope this helps.
See below. Germ cell represents very primitive cell that can tranform into any tissue form. Most of the germs cells are in the gonads (testis/ovary). However there are germs cells that reside outside the gonads and usually they are near the midline of the body and if they become tumorous, they are called extrgondal germ cell tumor which can be malignant.

Related Questions

What is the incidence for extragonadal germ cell tumors?

Very low. Compared to the gonadal germ cell tumors. The most common locations are the mediastinum, the pineal gland in the brain and the abdomen.

How do I prepare my child for an appointment about a germ cell tumor?

Treating a growth. It depends of the age of your child and how clear the diagnose is by now. If there are symptoms associated with the "growth", explain that this appointment is with the purpose of making a plan to treat this growth, to help with the symptoms. You encourage simple and clear answers with every step. Allow your questions being answered first, so your child senses a peaceful and truthful interaction.
Be honest. As parents, we feel so vulnerable when we cannot protect our children from horrible things like cancer. It is important to be honest. There are many uncertainties in all of this. Make honest promises. It is ok to be scared with your child. It is important to promise what is true...That you will be there through it all. Kids often know what is going on more than we all think. Good luck.

What is extracranial germ cell tumor of childhood?

Rare family. This is a family of tumors that can be diagnosed by a pathologist (i suggest you get a consensus from 3 of us) that resemble to some degree the gametes and/or the cells of the unborn child. They run from totally benign to very malignant; thankfully today's treatment produces many good responses.
Collection of tumors. Germ cell tumors typically arise from testicles or ovaries. They can occur in the brain (but extracranial gcts do not). The exact tumor type is rarely of one variety in kids. Typically a mixed tumor is noted by pathologists. Usually, the mixed tumor types include some malignant components. Treatments are good. Chemo + surgery usually.

Should I tell my child about an extracranial germ cell tumor?

Age appropriate info. You do not mention how old your child is, but in any condition, it is always best to provide information that is appropriate to your child's age and level of understanding. Get help from your health team, they have done this before and will have excellent advice for you. The important thing to remember, is that your child needs to feel loved, safe and protected. Surround yourself with people!

With germ cell tumor that to deal with germ cell tumor cancer?

Clarify, can be CA. These can be cancer. These are tumors of germ cells which can be from the gonads, or ovary and testis, or from outside these areas and occur during embryonic development. These can be cancerous or non-cancerous. Prognosis varies. Some, like seminoma, have a very good prognosis.

What are the chances of a germ cell tumor reoccurrence after remission?

Low recurrence rate. Current chemotherapy is very effective for germ cell tumors, small percentage do recur late, if it happens over all prognosis is not good, now will be resistant to chemotherapy, some times associated with other elements, like teratomas, yolk sac cell type of tumors.
Depends. Germ cell tumors of the ovary generally have a good prognosis. Although advanced stages are more likely to relapse, it may also depend on the kind of tumor pathology. Get more detailed information from the nci: http://www. Cancer. Gov/cancertopics/pdq/treatment/ovarian-germ-cell/healthprofessional/page1/allpages.

Are there side effects of germ cell tumor surgery?

It depends. Side effects of orchiectomy (testicle removal) alone are fairly limited. Major abdominal surgery however is sometimes necessary and can result in ejaculatory dysfunction, bowel obstruction, hernia or leakage of lymphatic fluid. This type of operation is best done at a major referral center where complication rates are lowest. Lung and brain surgery are sometimes necessary though less commonly.