I am a 34-yr-old female diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia two years ago. GI has not recommended colonoscopy. Should I be concerned?

Yes. Get checked. If you have iron deficiency anemia, there can be several causes: 1) Diet-you could be iron deficient if you are a vegetarian 2) Heavy periods or irregular vaginal bleeding 3) GI bleeding from gastritis (inflammation in your stomach) or a growth in your colon. I would recommend checking stool cards for occult (microscopic) blood. If these are positive, you definitely need a colonoscopy.
No. most females of child bearing age who are iron deficiency can attribute it to their menses. if you are not having GI symptoms or black or bloody stools, I would see that as appropriate. .

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Possible. Iron deficiency anemia is not uncommon in women due to menstrual blood loss. It would be okay to take oral iron supplement and multi-vitamins. For good health - Have a diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, milk and milk products, nuts, beans, legumes, lentils and small amounts of lean meats. Avoid saturated fats. Exercise at least 150 minutes/week and increase the intensity of exercise gradually. Do not use tobacco, alcohol, weed or street drugs in any form. Practice safe sex. Get HPV vaccine. Read more...

Iron deficiency anemia in 19 year old male with Hashimoto's. Tested negative for celiac. Other possibilities? Should I see a hematologist or GP?

GP or FP. Keep your follow up with your primary doctor, he/she would refer you to relevant specialists as needed, you are on multiple medications for different medical conditions, better keep a regular follow up, wish you wellness. Read more...