Hit in face. Swollen black eyes and lips. Also fractured nose. How do I reduce swelling? I have an appointment with an ear nose and throat doc soon.

Ice. The best thing to use is something cold, like ice in a pack or a bag. The face is very vascular and will swell as you know very easily. You should not delay seeing the doctor if you require surgery. He or she may put it off until the swelling subsides. Good luck.

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But in a headlock a month and 8 weeks ago. Got black eye. Got ct scan no fracture &saw eye doc. Have dark discoloration under eye, black head pain. Why?

Black eye. at least, like any other bruise, will take 6-8 weeks for most people to resolve (=fully disappear). Head pain after neck strain (aka: headlock) can be from persisting spasm of those muscles. May benefit from massage / chiropractic / physical therapy / cool compresses -- depends on you & situation. Hope these point you to next step. Read more...