How to get rid of facial palsy?

Depends on timing. First your doctor needs to determine the cause of the paralysis. If it is from a virus, then just wait. Almost all of these will go away on their own. If there is some other problem such as a tumor, it needs to be taken care of first. If the palsy lasts more than 1 year, see a facial plastic surgeon to discuss options for making the face work properly. There are some very good options.
Depends... ...On the cause, which your doctor will help you determine. Most of the time, however, palsies must be allowed to resolve on their own.

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How to get rid of right facial palsy?

Depends on cause. Many things can cause facial palsy- viral infection, tumors, strokes to name a few. Recovery will be different depending on the cause and the severity. If not already done, you should be evaluated by a facial/ent specialist or a neurologist and they can advise you on your possible recovery. Read more...

Hi, Doctors my wife gets facial palsy before week & we started treatment since 5 days I want to ask you can we do something to recovery fast thanks?

Bell's palsy. Presumably your wife is suffering from Bell's palsy. The facial weakness resolves in 1-2 months. Corticosteroids and anti-viral medication are often prescribed. Facial exercises, massaging the facial muscles and opening and closing the eye lid are helpful. Take extra care with oral hygiene as food can pool on the affected side. Eye drops to lubricate the eye and a patch at night to protect it. Read more...