What kind of doctors perform facial liposuction?

In the US, any Dr . Can legally. Which should? In my opinion, only residency-trained plastic surgeons. These can be found by searching the asaps or asps web sites. Once you're familiar with the logos of these organizations, you can look for them on the drs' web pg, ad, door etc.
Plastic Surgeons. Plastic surgeons are trained to do liposuction other specialties also have training in liposuction. Be sure to ask about your doctors training and experience. Review his work with past patients of possible. Ask you family doctor who they would use/
Board certification. Look for physicians with board certification in 3 major areas. 1. Facial Plastic Surgeons 2. Plastic Surgeons, 3. Dermatologist. Hope this helps.
All kinds. Many doctors perform facial lipo but the best ones have formalized training from residency and fellowship (not from a weekend course). Find out what your doctor's board certification is, where they got their training, how many cases they've done, complication and redo rate, before and after photos, done under local or general (more dangerous under general).
Liposuction doctors. Many different specialities have entered into the liposuction arena. However, plastic surgeons are the only specialty that I am aware of which has formal training during residency in liposuction techniques and complications. I would love to hear from other specialists if this is no longer the case. My advice is to find a board certified plastic surgeon to perform your facial liposuction.
Plast, ENT, Derm. Nearly anyone can perform facial liposuction with board certified plastic surgeons and otorhinolaryngologists (ENT) being the vast majority. However, dermatologists also perform the procedure in addition to numerous other specialties including gynecologists, family practice, internists, and even dentists. Check your doctor's credentials.

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What type of doctors perform facial liposuction?

Plastic Surgeons. Generally speaking, facial liposuction surgery is rarely indicated. As most of us age, fat in the facial area tends to help with retaining a youthful look. Best to seek consultation with board-certified facial or plastic surgeons. Best wishes. Read more...
Plastic and Facial. Board certified plastic surgeons and facial plastic surgeons are able to perform liposuction of the face. Read more...