Is it normal to get light headed when on period?

Yes. Anytime there is loss of blood, the body may experience this. It's important to drink plenty of fluid in order to stay hydrated. Also eat iron rich foods to replenish what is being lost. Consult a physician, who can do a simple blood test to check your iron level.

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I had unprotected sex 2/27 and I have been feeling dizzy nauseated and light headed for weeks but I still get my period it's normal it ask funny y?

Not sure if normal? You had unprotected intercourse about 11 days ago, and have been feeling dizzy, nauseous and light-headed for a longer period of time and you still get your period. Well, start by checking a pregnancy test now and again in one week. If these are both negative, then you need to see your doctor and check for anemia and thyroid disease. Read more...