Is there any other known STI that can cause severe flu-like symptoms besides HIV?

Yes. Acute syphilis can create virtually any syndrome (known as the great masquerader). Gonorrhea, if systemic can do this. There are several other remote possibilities, but the best thing you can do is to go and see an infectious diseases expert and be tested and examined. Good luck.

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What std's give you flu like symptoms?

Viral. A viral std such as herpes can associated with flu like symptoms such as body aches, mildly elevated temperatures, and diffusely enlarged lymph nodes - especially with the primary infection. Many of the bacterial std's are more likely to have symptoms centered on and in the pelvis. Read more...

Is there chance of having any STD even after using condom with prostitute. Having hourly fever, eye pain and flu like symptoms after 2 4 days of sex!

Wrong assumptions. You assume that 1) condoms guarantee the prevention of std's, and 2) that all prostitutes carry std's. You may have an std, but impossible to tell over the internet.. Your symptoms can be caused by a plethora of ailments. See a local physician and be tested and treated for whatever ails you. Read more...