Can I eat chocolate while breastfeeding?

Yes. You should give it a try. It may cause fussiness and/ or gassiness in your baby but everyone is different. Dark chocolate is healthier than milk chocolate. It's full of antioxidants that help prevent cancer and heart disease.
Yes. Breastfeeding mothers may eat their usual diet, even if that includes chocolate. If a mother notices her baby having a possible reaction (such as fussiness, sleeplessness, or rash) after the mother had eaten a particular type of food, she can wait a few days and try that food again. If her baby repeats the reaction, then the mother can avoid that particular food, and inform the doctor.
Yes. Consumption of moderate amount of chocolate will not affect infant. However, excess consumpton by mother (over 16 oz per day) is known to cause infant to be irritable and to have increased bowel activity.
Yes. There is no risk of increase of food allergy in the baby by your eating chocolate. However there is stimulant in chocolate so if you notice the baby getting more irritable after you eat chocolate reduce the amount or temporarily avoid it.
Yes. If i couldn't eat chocolate, i don't know if i could have breastfed as long as i did! i like my chocolate, peanut butter, cheese, etc. As long as baby doesn't seem to have sensitivities to what you eat, you can eat whatever you normally would. Keep your diet well balanced. Older concerns about avoiding foods due to allergies are no longer valid. Anything in moderation is typically ok.
Yes. Absolutely as long as it does not bother the baby. Enjoy, at least occasionally.