Red Rash in armpits with painful swollen Lymph nodes but its not itchy, pimple like blisters, a few boils. Cream not working.

See your doctor ASAP. It is difficult to tell without looking at your rash and examine your armpits. You may need surgical drainage if you have boils or abscess, and antibiotic if you have cellulitis. Please go to see your doctor or urgent care ASAP for definitive diagnosis and specific treatment.

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Itchy groin for two weeks, no redness or rash. Red lips with tiny white bumps, swollen lymph nodes. Unprotected oral sex three weeks ago.?

Possible STD. Go and get tested. This is conceivably related to acute HIV infection or other STD and you need full evaluation by an experienced doctor with expertise in this area. Go now and be seen. Good luck. Read more...