Can stretched earlobe be repaired?

Usually simple. Most stretched or torn earlobes can be repaired with a simple procedure performed under a local anesthetic by a qualified facial plastic surgeon.
Ear lobule repair. A stretched ear lobule can be made smaller and contoured to an improved shape by plastic/cosmetic surgeons. Similarly a torn lobule can be repaired simply as an office based procedure. An ear stud can be placed immediately by a local flap technique during the repair. In the longterm, patients are advised to not wear heavy, dangling earrings to minimize recurrence of problem.
Yes. We do this in the office frequently, both for males and females. It depends on how stretched the earlobe is. Local anesthesia is usually used. Sutures are placed. The sutures come out in about a week. We have patients hold off on re-piercing for a while, and then not have them pierce through the small scar.
Yes? Can this be done? Yes. Depending on how much the earlobes are stretched will determine the complexity and cost of the procedure as well as the possible result. It is probably best to avoid the practice to begin with.