How the place of plastic breast surgery would be faded?

They usual. Fade over 12 or so months. Protect them from the sun. Do scar massage. Consider a silicone based scar product, especially in the first few months after surgery.
Breast scars. Scars resulting from breast plastic surgery generally heal very well and fade over time. They are placed in locations where they may be most concealed such as under the breast in the inframammary crease or at the border of the areola.
Plastic surgery scar. Scars after breast generally fade quite well. The scar underneath the breast, even if visible, it's generally hidden from view. Scars around the nipple are easily hidden between the breast skin and the nipple skin. Finally, if the incision is in the axilla, it will also be hidden from view and tucked deep into the side of the armpit.
Generally yes. Depending on exactly what type of breast surgery is performed, incision lines tend to “fade” with time. However, patients should be aware that there will always be a scar visible and that additional surgery or treatment may be necessary to improve the appearance of the scars. Important to learn about the exact incisions/cars necessary for any specific procedure. Best wishes.
Breast incisions. If you don't require a lift or reduction, most incisions with breast augmentation are well concealed. With saline implants the incisions should be small, no more than 2-3cm (areola, inframmamary or axilla). Silicone requires larger incision, however with the use to a keller funnel a smaller incision can be done. I do prefer the transaxillary approach if you are a candidate. No visible scars in your chest.
Scar treatment. Depending on the problem with the scar there are treatments to improve them but nothing will completely remove them. I treat pigmented scars with bbl to lighten them, thick scars with fractional laser to soften them, or bad or wide scars with surgery to cut out the scar and re-sew it a more cosmetically pleasing way. The laser approach requires a series of treatments to be effective--often 5-6.

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I had reconstructive breast surgery in December 2014. Why are my new ones so misshapen? Do I have to pay to get another plastic surgeon to fix them?

Asymmetrical breasts. If you had mastectomy of one side it is not uncommon at all to have 2 different size and shaped breasts. Usuaslly, your other breast is smaller or saggy or bigger. All these are corrected in the second operation. Your insurance company will pay for that as they paid for your first one. Go back to your original Plastic surgeon and he wil help you.
Implant. Was the reconstruction performed with Implants or with own tissue? Please check first with the surgeon who performed the surgery for possible explanation for the shape.
Revision of breast. Of course, it is a new operation being done.

When woman has a plastic breast surgery and few years later she gets pregnant, can she breast feed the baby?

Usually Yes. After most augmentation surgeries the placement of the implant does not affect or touch the breast tissue in any way. The implant is most often under the muscle and the incision does not cut the functioning glands or ducts. Most of our young patients have gone on to successfully breast feed.
Most can. Breast implants can reduce your chances of being able to breastfeed by about 15-20%. Studies have been done that have shown no silicone being passed into the breast milk in women with silicone gel implants.
Usually. Most plastic surgical procedures of the breast (breast lift, breast augmentation or breast reduction) do not impair the connection of the milk ducts within the breast tissue to the nipple. This allows breast feeding to proceed even after these kind of procedures in most cases. Your plastic surgeon should be consulted for specific details.
Possibly. Depending on the specific breast operation performed, patients may or may not be able to breast-feed afterwards. Some operations carry an increased risk of inability to breast feed. Than others. Best to run this question by your plastic surgeon prior to proceeding. Best wishes.

When woman has a plastic breast surgery and few years later she gets pregnant, can she still breast feed the baby?

Almost always. Exception is an incision around the areola that disrupts the glands, or breast reduction or breast lift that somehow disrupts glands. But even that is a little unusual.
Breast feeding. Breast implants have no bearing on ability to breast feed. Any surgery on the breast can affect it. Also you may not be able to breast feed anyway.
Depends. Any surgical procedure on the breasts carries the potential risk of decreasing a woman's ability to breast-feed. Exactly how much risk is involved will depend on exactly what procedure is performed. Generally speaking, the more the surgery involves the breast gland tissue and the lactiferous ducts, the greater the risk. Hope this helps.

Do breast surgery or reduction kill?

Very very low odds. It's possible to have a rare complication - like a major anesthesia mishap, a drug reaction, a pulmonary embolism that could be lethal after any kind of surgery. But in well-trained hands, in an accredited facility, the odds of death from a breast reduction would be very small indeed.
Very Rare. The risk of death associated with elective breast surgery, assuming good patient health and careful selection of plastic surgeon, anesthesiologist, and surgery facility, is extremely low. Your plastic surgeon will be able to address your concerns more specifically. Best wishes.
Breast surgery. Not sure if you are asking about general pain or fatalities. Pain is usually well tolerated. There is always risk of surgery. The main risks are bleeding, infection and anesthesia complication. All are rare. Best to see your board certified plastic surgeon and see if you are a candidate..

What is the age limit to have breast surgery?

Breast Implant Age. Breast implant regulations can vary state to state; but in general patients can get saline breast implants at age 18 years and older. Patients must be 22 years of age in order to get silicone implants. This age restriction was placed by the fda upon the most recent approval by the fda regarding silicone breast implants. Unsure for the age restriction by the fda.
There's not one. I'm not sure what type of breast surgery you are referencing, but there is no real age limit for any type of medically necessary surgery. There may be a lower age limit for some cosmetic breast surgeries, like implants.
Depends on issue. It depends on what is being done on the breast. If it is tumor removal of the breast with reconstruction, that can happen at any time. Is it a congenital defect, that too can happen when appropriate. For cosmetic breast surgery, federal regulations say 18 for saline and 22 for silicone implants.
After. Very important to wait until after the breasts have finished growing and maturing. Any surgery before that time can have serious long term consequences. Saline breast implants are fda approved for 18 and older. Silicone breast implants are fda approved for 22 and older.

What are your thoughts on female breast surgery?

Depends on the prob. Your question is vague. As a plastic surgeon I have no problem doing surgery on male or female breasts, done for the right reason on a consenting patient.
More Specific Please. Best to restate your question more specifically. There are a variety of female breast operations available, depending on the patient's situation and goals. Most, if done for the appropriate indications, by well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons are quite patient pleasing. I look forward to seeing your question in a more specific form. Best wishes.