If a urine test that is called uwbc is in the 6-10 range is that indicative of a urinary tract infection?

Urinalysis. Generally, we accept no more than 2 white cells in the macroscopic exam. More cells than that are abnormal and often reflect a urinary tract infection. I would definitely repeat the test (it is inexpensive) to make sure it was a "clean" catch, but if it is still abnormal, your provider will want to send a sample for culture to determine the proper antibiotic treatment. .

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Will a urinary tract infection show up on dipstick urine test?

Mostly. Nitrite reagent in dipstick works for most gram negative organisms, but does show gram positive bacteria like enterococcus, staphlococcus or streptococcus etc.. Latter 2 are considered "skin" organisms but can be cause of utis in some, especially subjects on intermittent catheterization. Leucoocte esterase for wbcs in urine usually but, not always reliable. Urine culture is most reliable. Read more...