Does body contouring really work as advertised?

Yes but.... It certainly does and many people are extremely pleased with the outcomes as long as they have realistic expectations. However, it is not without risk and one should proceed only if informed and comfortable with the risks entailed.
Yes, to a point. Healthy lifestyle is the most important factor. Non-invasive treatments, such as cool sculpting and liposonix, have excellent safety profiles but produce mild-modest results. They are best in people close to their ideal weight, with localized areas of unwanted fat. Liposuction is more invasive, has more risk, is more expensive and with longer recovery, but produces more dramatic results.
Maybe. This depends on the technique of body contouring. Liposuction and surgery are the most effective. External and non-invasive treatments vary in their effectiveness. Keeping your weight under control after any treatment is essential and will make the results longer lasting.
Yes. Body contouring when done for the right person by a skilled plastic surgeon can be incredibly rewarding for many people. You should be on the same page with your surgeon and make sure you understand all the options available, the pros and the cons. Good luck.
Yes. Body contouring has revolutionized plastic surgery. By combining lifts, tucks, (witch hazel) and liposuction we can obtained an improved body contour and overall improvement in quality of life.