Blisters on lower eye lid?

Examination. Blisters are always somewhat worrisome and providing possibilities doesn't help you very much. I advise an examination by an ophthalmologist to correctly diagnose and treat. Concerns would be herpetic lesions, particularly if painful. .

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Dogs nail scratched my brthers eye. No vision problem as of now, no sensitivity to sunlight or when lights at home are on. He said he has very little pain but blister developed with in 1 hr on inner portion of lower eye lid. Closest Dr is 1 hr away. Is th

An urgency. You were cut off, but I suspect you were going to end with "Is this an emergency". Well, probably not. The risk is that infection may occur and especially if the cornea is scratched. The blister is evidence enough of mechanical trauma. Would recommend urgent care visit within 24hrs to examine cornea for scratch. Would update tetanus vaccination as well. Read more...