I started getting numbness in index and middle finger on my right hand when ysing pc. Also sharp pain through knuckle joint on left index finger.

Carpel tunnel. The nerves in your hand are being pinched under a small band of ligament type tissue. Its from the typing and maintaining the hand posture required to do so. Start wearing a simple wrist brace see an orthopedic surgeon for a workup if you need to type for job then a simple surgery would resolve this issue .

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Tingle in right hand and finger tips, sharp pain in neck area when I lower my head also pain in elbow joint and shoulder blade all on right side.

Cerivical radiculiti. Sounds like you have a herniated disc or pinched nerve in your neck. Reproduction of the pain and numbness while bending your neck to the affected side is called a positive "spurling's sign". Your shoulder blade pain is also characteristic of this. Would start with some otc antiiflams and if pain persists or weakness develops in hand or numbness persists would seek attention. Read more...

What nerve could be causing numbness in right hand ring finger on the little finger side from mid tip to first joint?

Possible . It is possibly your ulnar nerve. This can get compressed at the elbow so if you tend to lean on your elbow pay attention to not doing that for awhlie and see if it helps. If you sleep with your elbow bent it can also cause this sensation in the am. And if you ride a bike or otherwise put pressure on your hands that can pinch the nerve in your hand. Read more...