How is cyberknife radiosurgery different from other radiosurgery systems?

Robotic Radiosurgery. Cyberknife is the only robotic radiosurgery system fda approved to this date. The robotic nature of the system allows for tracking the tumor during delivery of radiation. Other radiosurgery systems do a good job/similar treating stationary targets (targets in the brain). For tumors outside of brain, other systems often use gating to turn system on/off during delivery of radiation.
The M.D. matters . Just be careful not to get sucked up by marketing of a particular machine. That is an unpleasant part of modern medicine. Find the best team you can with lots of experience rather than a particular machine.
Like magic :) Have you ever burned a leaf on a hot summer's day using a magnifying glass? Cyberknife is a lot like that, but even more so, because if focuses radiation from all different directions. Cyberknife is also particularly cool in that it can follow your tumor during treatment and can actually follow your tumor if your tumor moves.