What causes wheezing allday I use an inhaler and workswell only for an hour or two then I have neck pain n shoulder pain what wrong with me I'm 33?

See your MD. I am not certain that your wheezing and neck/shoulder pain are related.. Seems like you may have a few different medical concerns. There are many different causes of neck and shoulder pain. At your age common causes could be strained muscle/tendonitis/pinched nerve, other. The wheezing should be checked out. It is best to see your physician for a thorough exam.
Referred pain. Irritation of the diaphragm by lung infection or pleurisy is felt as neck & shoulder pain. This is called referred pain because the nerves that direct the diaphragm to work come from the same cervical root as nerves that sense pain in the neck & shoulder area. You may have an infection or worse in your lower lung causing wheezing & shoulder pain. For this you need to see your doctor for evaluation.
Uncontrolled Asthma. Mainstay of treatment for asthma is a long acting inhaler containning steroids and avoidence of trigger . Asthma treatment is a step up approach it seems like you are not on the right inhalers/ medication many folks use short acting abuterol inhaler as their main medication but albuterol is not a disease modifying medication and is a short acting , infact it acts as a temproary bandaid .

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I get real wheezy and use inhaler atleaat four times a day and have neck pain and right shoulder pain what could be wrong are the two related?

Could be. Above problems may be related.Need to add different inhalers/oral medications to control asthma so that you don't have to use inhalers four times a day. Read more...
Not related. I assume you are using your inhaler for a pulmonary (lung) problem. Lung disease does not cause shoulder and/or neck pain so i can say with a fair amount of certainty the two conditions are unrelated. For your neck/shoulder pain, see a pain medicine specialist who can not only tell you what is wrong but make you better as well. Good luck. Read more...