Too much alpha blockade? I take doxazosin for BPH and carvedilol for early chf. Should I change to metoprolol to avoid too much alpha blockade?

Alfa blockade. No, those two meds go well together for bp, prostate enlargement and improving your ejection fraction. Metoprolol may be "added" in small doses, not to replace the drugs your on, but for bp. I can worsen CHF your questions are for your cardiologist..
See below. Please discuss with your doctor, although it is true that doxazocin may treat BPH and hypertension it may be better to use Flomax (tamsulosin) for bph, as the dose required for doxazocin to work may overtreat your bp, and if you are not on a ace inhibitor, you should consider that for its cardiac benefits, provided you have no documented allergies.