Does caffeine constrict blood vessels?

Yes…a little. That is why it is helpful in the treatment of headache, but it can also raise your blood pressure a little bit , usually not enough to be dangerous, even if you have high blood pressure. But if you are in doubt, ask your doctor.

Related Questions

Can coffee or caffeine help remove blood vessels under my eyes?

No. Caffeine is a stimulant and may make you feel more awake and alert but it will not erase or remove blood vessels under your eyes. Sometimes, when tired, the area below the eyes may become puffy due to swelling of the fat pad in this area, but caffeine will not remove the veins. Read more...

Is caffeine a blood vessel dilator bad?

Dilator? Caffeine, if anything should constrict blood vessels and raise your bp. In moderate amounts (like anything) this should not be a problem unless you have some conditions that may improve without the stimulant and vessel constricting effects of caffeine. Read more...