Acne solutions? I'm 32. I take birthcontril which helps some. I already took Accutane and I cannot take antibiotics (allergic).

See a dermatologist. It sounds like you have a pretty severe case of acne (treated with accutane) and still not having satisfactory result. Derm docs can help you, possibly using chemical peels, intralesional injections of steroid, photo/photodynamic therapy, and some fractional laser therapy may be of benefit to you. This is out of my specialty, but I am sure derm docs can help. Consult your doc..Good luck.
Accutane 2nd time. 35 per cent of people who take Accutane will develop acne and will respond to a second course of 15-20 weeks at 1-2 mg/ kilogram of weight. A 130 pound person should be treated with up to 120 mg of Accutane a day if e essay but no less than 60 mg for long term clearance.