What are blue balls?

Here is my take ... Blue ball syndrome is referred to feeling ill-defined "irritating" tension / ache in the testes or the sac "resulting from sexual arousal with poor coursing to orgasm. This term first appeared in the US in early 20th Century, have been sporadically discussed in layperson publication or conversation, & finally discussed in a pediatric journal in 2000. Its incidence and reality have not well defined.
Familiar. A guy knows about this once he's experienced it, especially if he's tried "edging". Prolonged sexual arousal without ejaculation produces discomfort that's experienced as referred pain to the testes. During arousal, the seminal vesicles in particular produce extra fluid that must compress the nearby genitofemoral nerve, since the copious ejaculation instantly relieves the pain.

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What is blue balls? What causes it?

A slang for... It refers to men having painful or achy testes in men after prolonged sexual arousal / erection without ejaculation, which is thought as a result of epididymal congestion, but not happening to all men. In fact, it has been not commonly discussed in formal urology education. Read more...
Referred pain. Since the familiar pain that follows long abstinence (for some guys, just a few days) or prolonged arousal is relieved immediately by ejaculation, I think it's caused by the pressure of overloaded seminal vesicles on the nearby genitofemoral nerves. It's not going to injure you, but it can put you out of commission. Do what you have to, and hoping you enjoy it as well. Best wishes. Read more...