Groin pain from playing football, what to do?

RICE. Very complicated subject.First you need a good physical examination by a Dr spec ialized in sports medicine.There are many causes for groin pain the most common is a plain strain of your inner thigh muscles(Adductors)and respond to conservative management with RICE,you can add local antiinflamatory medication and otc medications such as aleve (naproxen) etc,if not better see the dr.
Check hip. Groin pain is usually coming from the hip so have it checked. If you sit on a kitchen chair with the hip and knee bent 90 degree and rotate the thigh by swinging foot right and left and the motion initiates or mimick your pain, it is definitely your hip.Disc problem at L4-L5, furcal nerve irritation can also give groin (testicular) pain,

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I get groin pain whenever I play football or run it will ache the next day with a limp. It eventually goes when rest. Also I hear like a clik?

Athletic pubalgia. Groin pain in athletes is not uncommon, and can be due to hip problems, sometimes associated with a click. Could also be muscle or tendon problems with abdominal and leg muses (alprostadil) where they attach to the pelvis. Collectively, this group of problems is sometimes referred to as a "sports hernia", even though the majority of the time there is no hernia. Hope this helps! Read more...

How do I relieve the pain in my groin area after playing football?

Ice, rest nsaids. I would start with ice, rest and an NSAID medication if the symptoms do not resolve within a few days you should be examined some of the severe groin injuries can take 6-8 weeks to heal. Read more...