Obese, high bp, age 32/female. Achy calves in am, itchy near ankles. Oa: hip, knee, foot, ankle. Explain daytime fatigue? Sleep study toss & turn/apnea.

Sleep apnea. Daytime fatigue is a very common problem associated with multiple medical problems. The p[roblem becomes "the chicken or the egg" sleep apnea causes obesity, Insulin resistance, hypogonadism, as well as hypertension. You should focus on sleep hygeine first and get a 2 step sleep study. The other medical conditions cannot be controlled with untreated sleep apnea.
Sleep apnea. Obesity may cause sleep apnea, thus fatigue , sleepiness during the day, achy calf and peri-ankle symptoms may be signs of vascular insufficiency, you need to talk to your doctor about a sleep apnea sutdy and the use of a CPAP machine, excessive weight on your hip/knee may cause the development of arthritis, weight loss may help.