Assuming the high risk to female sexual partners of uncircumcised men should men not always wear a condom?

Here are some ... There is no practical /clinical necessity for uncircumcised men to always wear condom for sex as long as keeping up good topical hygiene with no eruptions or rashes. But, still remember all GU-, GI-, and respiratory tract harbor their pertinent resistant bacteria to coexist with their hosts - our bodies. So, keep up healthy lifestyle without overindulgence / obsession as foundation of healthcare..

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If I had very few sexual partners and have always tested negative for HPV, is it a good idea to get the vaccination at age 43? I am a lesbian and the woman I am considering having a relationship with has high risk HPV. Also how long would I have to wait t

Probably no vaccine. Partner no. makes less difference in HPV risk than you might think. Higher with say 100 vs 5 life partners, but >80% chance even with 5. Past neg tests don't mean much; most HPV isn't detected by cervix testing. Even w/ infected partner, at age 43 vaccination is questionable value; good possibility you've already had same type. Substantial protection at 2 mo (1 mo after dose #2), 6-7 mo for 100%. Read more...