Hsv 1. My partner 30 year old shows HSV 1 IgG detected. Igm negative. She says she has not had cold sores since childhood. Can she tramit HSV 1 to me?

Yes. Although much higher amounts of virus are found at the time when lesions (cold sores) are present, asymptomatic shedding of hsv-1 can certainly occur in seropositive people. This shedding can result in transmission. Most people, by the time they reach adulthood, are seropositive.
Herpes i. The herpes virus can be most contagious when there is an outbreak of the virus. Live virus is found during the vesicle stage when the col sore shows tiny fluid filled vesicles. Once these burst and the lesion scabs over, it is no longer contagious.
Yes. Igm is + when getting infection for the 1st time, then becomes negative, it may become + with a flare up. Igg stay + forever. We get hsv1 (fever blister) mostly from our parents (kissing). Some people get flare ups frequently (stress , a cold...), other never get them but still can shed it (pass it to other). You probably have it (from your parents).