What are the effects of stroke?

Depends. Strokes can cause a large range of effects from returning to normal function all the way to complete paralysis, inability to speak and take care of oneself. It's important to follow up with your primary care doctor, neurologist, physical and occupational therapist after a stroke. Because time is of the essence when treating strokes it's important to call 911 immediately at the onset of symptoms.
Depends. Depending upon what part of the brain is damaged and how severely determines the effects. Brain tissue is organized into centers and networks. Damaging either affects the functions of those networks, such as speech, vision, movement, balance, sensation, abstract thought. The larger the stroke, the more functions are affected. Symptom duration varies greatly; can be permanent or end in a few days.

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What long term effects does a stroke have?

It depends. Your question can not be answered without knowing what your neurological examination is now and what t was when you had the stroke. It is also essential to know what your studies (mri, ct, eeg) showed. The best person to answer this question is your neurologist. Don't hesitate to discuss your concerns with the specialist or your primary physician.. Read more...

What are the effects of brain stroke on esophagus and stomach?

None. None. Also, in modern parlance, "stroke" always refers to the brain, so "brain stroke" is a redundancy; it's not like ??????? in Russian which needs a qualifying adjective e.g. ???????? ???????. Read more...