4 month old has bronchiolitisfor 1 month. Cont to be sob & retracting. Also suffers from gerd. Doctor keeps saying its ok to breath like that?

Bronchiolitis fr 1mo. 4 months old with bronchiolitis persisting for one month and continuing to retract and short of breath.I do not want to secong guess youe physician but it is not pk.Is he getting nebuliser treatments and has been given inhaled or oral steroids.If he is still short of breath and retracting i will consult a pediatric pulmonologist in a 4 month old.
Depends. Kids with bronchiolitis will often cough & sputter for a month or so after a significant event.This would include those hospitalized for oxygen, IV fluids, etc. The simple home treated case should not last this long. Reflux complicates the mix as it can trigger cough & congestion by itself.If your kid is growing well, sleeping & as playful as most 4m are, its ok to observe.Poor feed/play=reevaluate.