How do you identify chigger bites and how do you treat them?

Chiggers. Chigger's bites often have a small red in the center of a welt & occur in areas where skin is tender like the crotch, armpits, beltline, backs of knees, ankles. They are extremely itchy. Hydrocortisone cream can be applied.
Location. Chigger bites are usually clustered on the legs and shins, where you contacted the chiggers (which you can actually see, they look like very tiny pepper flakes). They are very itchy. You can have them elsewhere if you were in high brush with sleeveless or short sleeve shirts but that is less common. The goal is to control the itching, which is a reaction to the bite, good luck!
Depends. Chigger bites are usually more often "suspected" than actually proven. Sometimes one will find the very small mites (that are chiggers) and be certain of the cause. However, usually small, itchy red bumps around the ankles will be your clue. That along with a history of being in the right wodded environment. Topical steroids and a little time will help this to get better if they are chiggers.