Can you tell me about gallbladder pain without stones is removal the only answer?

Poor function. Some patients can experience after- meal upper abdominal pain because the gallbladder doesn't empty properly. This is called biliary dyskinesia and can be a problem in the abscence of gallstones. Gallbladder emptying studies can diagnose this . Taking the gallbladder out can definitely help most patients but there are a percentage of patients that their pain persists and need additional studies.

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I have gallbladder pain without stones, is removal the only answer?

No. I do not know what testing you have had. Have you seen a gastroenterologist? Endoscopy? Hida gallbladder function scan? Removing a normally functioning gallbladder may cause diarrhea and cause food intolerances and not resolve the pain. Have a complete evaluation before deciding if you may need gallbladder surgery. Read more...