I have kidney stones, my sister has gallstones & tonsil stones, & my dad had a salivary stone, was wondering if there could be a hereditary factor?

No, coincidence. 4 different types of stones and all have different causes. Gallstones are compose of cholesterol + other bile products + caused by stasis. Other 3 are usually all calcium containing, although kidney stones can bo composed of uric acit or cystine any of which are in xs in urine. Tonsil stones r caused by bacteria in crypts of tonsils. Salivary stones from dehydration, poor diet, medications etc.
Stones parts of body. No all sones you mention have different etiology and these stones are of different composition. It is coincidental.

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A month ago I had kidney stones and now I have recently had tonsillitis and tonsil stones. Are the kidney stones and tonsil stones related in any way?

Probably not. Kidney stones are usually calcium oxalate stones, whereas "tonsil stones" are usually composed of various food matter, bacteria, cells and if they are present a long time, can also contain calcium. Using a water pic or gargling with saltwater can usually prevent the tonsil stones from coming back, and stay well hydrated to prevent the kidney stones from returning!
Coincidence. Hi, the reason for tonsilar stone is the chronic or recurrent bacterial infection in the crypts of tonsils, the kidney stone could be due to high concentration of Calcium, oxalate, phosphorus or uric acid in the urine or recurrent infection of the kidneys.
Here are some. .. Stones of kidneys and tonsils are not related and should be dealt separately. More? Ask Doc for detail timely. Most of times, just ask Doc about such question to gain answers easier and faster than from online chat which may inadvertently further confuse and terrify the inquirers. So, work closely with Doc timely.

I've had kidney stones at least 6 times within the past 3 years. I've been taking out my own tonsil stones. Is there a link? Why do I get them?

Maybe. Stones in the kidney can be cause by chemical imbalance in the urine or infection. It is the same for tonsils or salivary glands. However, because they do different things, it is just as likely that they are caused by different things. Ask your doctor to test your stones (when you find them) to see if the kidney stones are the same composition as the tonsil stones.