Can a child never have terrible twos till he is 10?

Not by definition. The "two's" is a period of confusion in a kid with a fantasy based brain who expects u to do everything s/he wants because that's the way it worked earlier (b-1y) when s/he cried. Parents begin to provide limits to this mobile & more demanding kid & the little prince/s must learn to accept limits. The >8yo acting this way is has the brain power to know your rules but refuses to accept them.
Toddlers test limits. in a quest for autonomy & respond to clear, concise rules reinforced by rewarding "good" behavior & ignoring "bad" behavior. Typically-developing 10-yr.olds know right from wrong based on rules taught by adults. 10-12 yr.-olds begin to think about how rules can change in different situations. Onset of oppositional/defiant behavior at 10 may be a response to environmental stress & needs evaluation.